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Below, you will find a wide range of FSE publications, including reports from European Football Fans Congresses, Fans’ Embassy documents, and policy papers.

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FSE Constitution

You can find both the German and English versions of the FSE Consitution here

The German version (pp. 2-13) of the Constitution, registered at Vereinsregister (association register) of the Amtsgericht Hamburg (Hamburg court), is legally binding. The English version (pp.14-24) is a translation produced by the FSE Office.

Modifications were ratified by the 2019 General Meeting of Football Supporters Europe on 6th July 2019 and entered into force on 28th October 2019 (cf. article 15.1.). 

European Football Fans Congresses (EFFC)

EFFC 2019, Lisbon, Report – Online

EFFC 2019, Lisbon, Guidebook – Online

EFFC 2017, Ghent and Lokeren, Report – Online

EFFC 2014, Bologna, Report – Online

EFFC 2013, Amsterdam, Report – Online

EFFC 2012, Istanbul, Report – Online

EFFC 2011, Copenhagen, Report – Online

EFFC 2010, Barcelona, Report – Online

EFFC 2009, Hamburg, Report – Online

EFFC 2008, London, Report – Online

Fans’ Embassies

FSE Fans’ Embassy Core Group Principles – Online

FSE Fans’ Embassy Handbook (English) – Online

FSE Fans’ Embassy Handbook (Spanish) – Online

FSE Fans’ Embassy Handbook (Polish) – Online

FSE Fans’ Embassy Handbook (Portuguese) – Online

FSE Fans’ Embassy Handbook (Russian) – Online

FSE Fans’ Embassy Handbook (Ukrainian) – Online

UEFA EURO 2008 Evaluation Report – Online

UEFA EURO 2012 Evaluation Report – Online

UEFA EURO 2016 Evaluation Report – Online

Fan Guide 2012 – Online

Fanzines – Revive the Roar!

Issue 1: The Vision of Football Supporters Europe – Online

Issue 2: The FSE Media Guide – Online

Issue 3: Know Your Rights! Vol.1 – Online

Issue 5: Anti-Discrimination – Online

OUT! – Fighting Homophobia and Empowering LGBT+ Stakeholders in Football

‘Out! – Good Practice Handbook on Fighting Homophobia and Empowering LGBT+ Stakeholders in Football’ (10th December 2020) – Online

Policy Papers and Reports

#ReclaimTheGame Manifesto – Online

‘Super League Crisis Proves European Football Needs Reform & Regulation’ (2nd May 2021) – Online

‘The Future of UEFA Club Competitions: An FSE Perspective’ (11th March 2021) – Online

‘The Importance of LGBT+ Allies in Football Fandom’ (11th February 2021) – Online

‘UEFA Super Cup, Budapest 2020: FSE Review’ (21st October 2020) – Online

‘FSE’s View on Project Big Picture’ (21st October 2020) – Online

Fan ID Cards: A Flawed and Failed Concept’ (5th March 2020) – Online

‘Facial Recognition Technology: Fans, Not Test Subjects’ (9th January 2020) – Online

Supporters Charters in Europe: A Handbook for Supporters, Clubs, Associations, and Leagues (2013) – Online

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