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UEFA is the governing body of European football. FSE is one of UEFA’s key football and social responsibility partners. Both organisations are in continued dialogue on a wide range of issues that affect and interest fans, from ticket prices and hosting conditions to major international tournaments and safe standing. Like many other organisations, FSE receives core funding from UEFA.

Read more about our partnership on the UEFA website.

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European Leagues

Formed in 2005, European Leagues is an association of professional football leagues with members in 29 UEFA nations. In recent years, FSE and European Leagues have begun working together to advance the shared interests of fans, leagues, and clubs. This partnership has involved, amongst other things, efforts to protect domestic competitions and calendars, promote competitive balance between and within leagues, and encourage fairer revenue distribution at the level of UEFA club competitions.

Visit the European Leagues website to find out more.

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Council of Europe

Founded in 1949, and currently encompassing 47 member states, the Council of Europe is committed to upholding human rights, democracy, the rule of law, freedom of expression, and the rights of minorities across the continent. FSE is an observer at the Council of Europe’s Standing Committee of the Saint-Denis Convention (T-S4). We also regularly take part in consultative visits to Council of Europe member nations to assess their compliance with the Convention.

For more information, visit the Council of Europe’s website.

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CAFE – Centre for Access to Football in Europe

The Centre for Access to Football in Europe (CAFE) was established in 2009 to ensure that disabled people are able to enjoy an inclusive and accessible matchday experience. To this end, CAFE works with UEFA and its national associations on initiatives as diverse as the Disability Access Officer (DAO) role, audio-descriptive commentary, and improved access information in stadia. FSE and CAFE support one another in several areas, especially at major international tournaments such as the UEFA European Championship.

Learn more on the CAFE website.

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Independent Supporters Council (ISC)

The Independent Supporters Council (ISC) is a North American fans’ organisation with more than 100 members in the United States and Canada. Its members include groups from the MLS, NWSL, USL, NPSL, and CPL. FSE and the ISC share a commitment to positive, diverse fan cultures and the principle that fans are important stakeholders in world football. Since 2018, we have worked together to promote these values, as well as to strengthen ties between European and North American fans and fans’ groups.

Discover more about the ISC on their website.  

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