2021 has been another challenging year.

That said, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) has remained on an even keel.

Thanks to the solidarity and dedication of our members, we have taken advantage of a unique opportunity to reaffirm our principles, while simultaneously redefining our priorities.

A Busy 12 Months

Much of our time has been occupied by the fight against three of the most dangerous schemes to have emerged in the recent history of European and world football: The so-called ‘super league’; UEFA’s deeply flawed proposals to reform its club competitions; and FIFA’s plans for a biennial World Cup.

But we have also achieved a great deal more: Establishing the F+Collective for female, transgender, and non-binary fans; bringing together fans from across the continent to discuss how they are tackling climate change; launching the #ReclaimTheGame initiative; successfully lobbying UEFA to lift its blanket ban on away fans at its club and national team competition fixtures; running fans’ embassies during EURO 2020 despite difficult circumstances; publishing a comprehensive position paper on the future of European competitions; and introducing a new visual identity and website.

Strengthening Staleholder Relations and Expanding the Membership

In addition, we have strengthened our strategic relationship with other stakeholders (i.e., Independent Supporters Council (ISC) of North America and European Leagues) and reached out to fans’ groups in new countries, from the Faroe Islands to Kazakhstan, via San Marino, Estonia, and Kosovo. Indeed, with members in 52 UEFA nations, including 61 national and transnational organisations, we believe that we are in our best ever position to represent the views and interests of European football fans.

Challenges for 2022

Even so, there are significant challenges ahead. As we have seen time and time again, football’s governing bodies seem increasingly incapable of protecting the game in the interests of and for the benefit of all. For the past two years, we have had to contend with an endless series of ludicrous ideas, all aimed at prolonging a deeply flawed model, and all resulting in bigger and more insoluble crises.

Together, we can stop such madness, and in doing so, make European football more sustainable, competitive, and inclusive.

Join us and be part of the crowd.

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