Football Supporters Europe (FSE) is pleased to announce that its application for observer status on the Council of Europe’s Committee of the Saint-Denis Convention (T-S4) has, once again, been approved.

This status is guaranteed until 31st October 2024, when it will be reviewed.

The Convention builds upon the work done internationally since the adoption of the European Convention on Spectator Violence in 1985, which was progressively replaced by the Convention on an Integrated Safety, Security and Service Approach at Football Matches and Other Sports Events (entered into force in 2017).

According to the Council of Europe, the Convention’s aim is to “go from a violence-focused approach towards an integrated approach”, promoting “cooperation between all public and private stakeholders, including supporters” in the process.

The Committee itself monitors the application of the Convention through a programme of visits to the state parties, making recommendations and offering advice concerning measures to be taken for the implementation of the Convention.

Since joining the Committee as an observer, FSE has played an active role in shaping its recommendations and policies.

Visit the Council of Europe’s website for more information.

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