UEFA Champions League Final Munich 2012 - Stadium and TicketsFootball Supporters Europe (FSE) welcomes UEFA's recent announcement of the ticket prices for the 2012 Champions League final in Munich.

Last year, after public criticism and representations by FSE at our annual meeting with UEFA President Michel Platini, UEFA apologised for excessive prices at the 2011 final, and gave an undertaking to consult with FSE before this year's prices and pricing structure were finalised.

FSE is delighted that UEFA lived up to this commitment, and has indeed consulted FSE in the price-setting process.

The ticketing concept provided to FSE for our feedback already contained several improvements over the previous year. We are very pleased to announce that following our response to that document, UEFA has accepted the majority of the additional arguments we presented and incorporated them into the final pricing structure.


In particular, these involved:

Ticket pricing

The ticket prices for Category 4 in particular have been significantly reduced to 70 Euros, compared to 95 Euros last year at Wembley. Category 3 prices have also been slightly reduced from 175 Euros to 160 Euros.

Category 4 tickets will this year be available to the wider public, as well as to fans of the competing teams. The finalist teams will however receive the greatest number of tickets for the cheapest category, which in total constitutes 21% of the overall stadium capacity.

Furthermore, in the interests of social inclusion, this year there will be family tickets for sale at category 4 prices (with a 50% discount for children under the age of 14) to both the wider public and the fans of the finalist teams, even though these family tickets will be located in Category 2 sectors. In 2011, these tickets were only available at Category 2 prices.

Ticket allocations

Thanks to UEFA following our recommendations, the majority of Category 4 tickets will be allocated to the first 10 rows directly behind the goals to ensure that the most loyal fans can obtain the cheapest ticket category and at the same time be together and close to their team.


FSE would hereby like to express our appreciation for this very progressive move of UEFA to involve football supporters in a consultation process on ticketing issues; as far as we are aware, this is the first time this has taken place.

We remain aware that many football supporters will still consider the Champions League Final ticket prices very high, possibly even prohibitively so. In particular for fans from countries with low income-levels, the ticket prices will still pose a great challenge. This might apply especially to those supporters who have followed their team over the entire season across Europe already, on top of their national championship and the "usual" costs they have to bear for that.

However, as FSE we consider this consultation process with UEFA for this year's final as a first successful step into the right direction and are looking forward to further expand this dialogue in the near future.

Furthermore, we would be more than pleased to see this initiative of UEFA , to involve supporters in consultation on ticketing, as a best practice model to be copied by national associations and football clubs across Europe, since it can only be mutually beneficial for a common goal: to enhance the participation of the most loyal supporters, and to foster social inclusiveness and the attractiveness of football.


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