Fan Ownership & Heritage Protection

Working with our members at national and local level, FSE is developing a new policy in the area of fan ownership and heritage protection.  

The aim is to establish a dedicated work programme to provide relevant and practical support to fan groups in gaining and maintaining involvement in the ownership of their club as well as influence in protecting its long-term future and legacy.  

This will be accompanied by strategic work with football’s governing bodies and European institutions in order to properly guard the heritage and legacy of our football clubs. 

The overall objective is to ensure members of FSE and supporters who want influence in their club, whether to own it collectively through a democratic model or to protect its heritage, can access the information and peer support to empower themselves to do so.  

What do we mean by fan ownership & heritage protection? 

Fan ownership looks different from country to country but, broadly speaking, the term refers to clubs that are democratically owned by supporters and where they collectively possess at least 50%+1 of shares or voting rights. These clubs also all subscribe to the ‘one member, one vote’ principle. Fan ownership, in its different guises, can also be referred to as “membership” of a democratic football club or community ownership of a club.  

Heritage protection refers to safeguarding the core characteristics that make up the identity of a football club, including its name, colours, badge, and stadium – all items that matter deeply to supporters.  

Whilst FSE is developing its fan ownership and heritage policy, members can still request support by contacting us

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