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The Committee members of FSE, European’s leading supporters’ organisation, were disappointed by the announcement of UEFA’s decision to hold Euro 2020 in up to 13 different countries all across the continent under the motto “EURO for Europe”.

Just last week, a delegation of FSE representatives gave UEFA representatives feedback from a fans perspective. In the build-up before that meeting FSE gathered the opinions from their wider membership and football supporters beyond that and collected feedback from a cross-section of supporters, to get a representative sample.

All in all, within a period of about two weeks, FSE members received more than 1200 responses. While there has been support to some degree from fans (11%) for the idea, the majority of fans participating in the FSE member surveys (82%) rejected the idea. This reluctance came from individual fans who follow their national team as well as from big national fan organisations, who support their teams at qualifiers and big tournaments and represent several hundreds of thousands of football supporters.

Kevin Miles (Football Supporters Federation), Ola Sjöstedt (Camp Sweden) and Nikos Pogatsidis (FSE Fans’ Embassies – Project Coordinator) participated on behalf of Football Supporters Europe and discussed with UEFA delegates on executive and administrative level.

“We at FSE, are convinced that the opinion of the fans needs to be considered as they are a main part for the success of any kind of international tournaments”, said Kevin Miles, FSE Committee member and member of the Fans’ Embassy Core Group, after the meeting.

FSE made it very clear what the fans perspective on the competition format is but UEFA’s decision still has been in favour of holding Euro 2020 as a pan-European event.

 “We are disappointed by UEFA’s decision as we think it makes it very difficult for fans to follow their team through the whole competition. But now we have to look forward and discuss with UEFA how we can find ways to make it an as pleasant as possible experience for travelling fans”, said Daniela Wurbs, coordinator of FSE.

As a next step FSE is preparing to make concrete suggestions on how to make this EURO for Europe as fan friendly as possible. These proposals will be submitted in a second consultation meeting already planned. Some examples would be an easy access to Visa, logistical conditions allowing inexpensive travel and a fair pricing policy. Furthermore, a system shall be worked out that ensures the successful work of the FSE Fans’ Embassies.



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