testSupporters of FC Bayern München showed their solidarity with travelling fans of Beşiktaş Istanbul last week in Munich (Germany).

Beşiktaş fans, once again, were not allowed to buy tickets for their team’s visit to Munich for the 1st leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16. Their club Beşiktaş JK is afraid any troubles linked to their supporters could lead to the club’s suspension from international matches, as it is on probation due to a UEFA disciplinary decision. FSE has reported before on the implications of this de facto travel ban.

In Munich, FC Bayern did not sell tickets to away fans and even threatened their own supporters of "consequences for fans reselling tickets as such as a ban for further obtaining Bayern tickets." Bayern fans were openly critical about this decision of their club, showing banners of solidarity at Bundesliga home games.
With FSE´s help, our members of Club Nr.12 invited 25 Beşiktaş fans for a solidarity dinner the night before the game. A delegation of all important Bayern fan groups met with a Beşiktaş fans delegation of Çarşı, Çarşı Munich and Beleştepe.

On the same day, Çarşı and Club Nr.12 issued a joint statement, asking fans of their respective clubs to be respectful to each other around the game. A joint interview of both groups is also available on Club Nr.12´s website :

The interview in Turkish

The interview in German

The game itself was played with in the end up to 5.000 Beşiktaş fans in the stadium, in a perfectly peaceful atmosphere with many solidarity banners on display by Bayern ultras in favor of away fans rights.

FSE welcomes these great gestures of solidarity and is calling for all football governing bodies, clubs and local authorities to offer travelling fans a sufficient away allocation and enable them to watch their team’s games in Europe, so that all supporters can enjoy football freely and in a secure environment.


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