b_350_131_16777215_00_images_stories_Poljud_panorama_2.jpgIn view of a recent UEFA Disciplinary decisions taken against the Croatian Football Association for racist conduct of fans, the members of the FSE Fans Embassy Team in Italy have released the subsequent statement: 

As Italian Fans Embassy team, having accompanied and supported Italian national team fans across Europe for many years now, we hereby express our deepest disagreement with the UEFA decision to have the next match between Croatia and Italy (which is a qualifying match for EURO 2016) on 12 June 2015 in Split played without spectators.

We condemn the racist episodes as they happened at the match Croatia vs Norway and approve of UEFA's campaign against racism in general. But we cannot agree with a massive punishment like this, hitting all supporters instead of the minority of fans responsible for the actions in the first place.

As Italian fans, we cannot literally pay the consequences for the mistakes of others. Many of us have already booked flights and hotels or rented caravans to follow our national team and watch the match. Who will pay back our expenses? And who will help all the Croatian fans in the same situation? We therefore ask UEFA to find an alternative to all those decisions that hit and don't respect the real fans.

From our point of view, economic sanctions or take off points in the charts could be effective solutions that could make think over twice those less ill-intentioned instead of punish the public in general. We wish that UEFA keeps up the fight against racism but should find an alternative to play matches behind closed doors as soon as possible.


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