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The 1st Update of the FSE Fans Guide App now features almost 100 clubs and new, useful functions, and is now available for download in the app stores. Thousands of fans have downloaded the app since its launch in autumn 2013 and submitted additional feedback. This is why the new app version includes even more essential info on clubs, cities and stadia with useful tips submitted by fans for fans from all across the continent, all dedicated to making the life of travelling football fans even easier than before! And, of course, the main quality characteristics of our app project are still valid: it is an independent non-profit project, by fans, for fans. All essential info provided in the app is available offline and for free – and entirely subjective. Fans are supporting each other via the FSE Fans’ Guide app by sharing their knowledge about their teams, cities and clubs.

Monday, 10 February 2014

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The English Premier League, the Football League and the FA have launched an educational campaign on the dangers of pyro in football grounds. The Football Supporters Federation (FSF) as the biggest national supporters federation in England and Wales supports the campaign. Kevin Miles, Chief Executive of the FSF and a long-term FSE Committee member explains why they do that and what this has to do with pyro in football in Europe.

Monday, 13 January 2014

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Reggiana was the first team in Italy to build and to be owner of their own stadium, in 1995. Now, after the bankrupcy of 2005, the stadium has been bought by Mapei, owner of serie A team Sassuolo, a team of a different city. Now Reggiana are guest in their own stadium, which was even paid for by Reggiana fans, amongst others. A sad story of modern football and the consequences for fans. 

Friday, 10 January 2014

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Support the “HSV Not For Sale!” Campaign!

The Bundesliga has been the best-attended league in Europe for nine seasons in a row now. Football supporters across Europe increasingly look at the Bundesliga as an example. Although some things might be far from perfect also there, German fans can still enjoy many things that other fans have long lost in football back home: relatively low ticket prices, safe standing areas, the possibility to organise great choreographies …and the rest. Many of these things would have been impossible to preserve, without supporters and their fellow club members having a say in how their clubs are run, unless they vote otherwise. The football club belongs to the members – a right that is denied to the vast majority of football supporters in other countries, and should not be given up lightly.

Wednesday, 04 December 2013

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…in the FSE Fans Action Shop!

With the Fans’ Action Shop, FSE has launched an online shop which is completely devoted to football fans’ activism! Get yourself a t-shirt or cotton bags to demonstrate fan unity, bum bags for fan-friendly kick-off times, key rings for passionate football fans, fanzines to study or just make a donation!

Wednesday, 04 December 2013

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The first edition of the FSE FANS’ GUIDE app put together by Football Supporters Europe (FSE), by fans, for fans, is now available in the smartphone app stores.

The FSE Fans’ Guide App enables fans who travel to away matches to have all useful information relevant for football supporters with them through their mobile phone. The app is an independent non-profit project and available for free. Almost all info provided by the app is available offline and can be used without an internet connection once it is downloaded. Hence, this means that especially travelling fans can save expensive roaming costs abroad.

Monday, 18 November 2013


Read more ...Recent news concerning Newcastle United and Manchester United suggests that the tide may be turning in England towards those bigger clubs taking more notice of their fans.

With The FSF’s Twenty’s Plenty campaign, launched in January 2013 and calling for a £20 ceiling on away match tickets, starting to gather pace and The Premier League’s Away Fans Fund awarding £200,000 each season for the next three years for clubs to spend in helping to increase their away following, Newcastle have publicly stated that Premier League clubs have got their ticket prices wrong.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

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In last few years, Europe has been swallowed by a political and economical crisis. As always, it seems that the focus has switched from real problems to cutting the rights and means of those who suffer the most. In such existential times, governments and politics have the greatest room to impose further restrictions and control, often on the back of social values, and many parts of society start to clamp down particularly on those who have no lobby anyway, and hatred against those who are seemingly different, is getting increasingly popular.

Very often, immigrants fleeing to Europe from war or to save their lives and those of their families from even worse conditions, crimes against humanity and unimaginable poverty, are getting in the focus as the alleged „main“ problem these days. They have a different skin color, religion and customs than people in countries that they populate. They are presented as illegal, dangerous and people which seem to deserve some sympathy for suffering, if anything, but certainly no proper rights to look for a way out of desperation in Europe.

Friday, 18 October 2013

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With great irritation, FSE noted the latest decisions of the Osservatorio, the main body for safety and security in Italian football, affecting owners of alternative loyalty cards to the national fan ID card Tessera del Tifoso, in this case affecting holders of the AS Roma Away Card.

The Osservatorio pushed for a travel ban for holders of the AS Roma Away Card since the beginning of this season, on the basis of the argument that a total number of 23 spectators over four matches in the past season, allegedly in possession of the AS Roma Away Card, were found guilty of disturbing public order or security. This was used as the main argument against the AS Roma Away Card. There is a total of more than 6000 AS Roma supporters in possession of the AS Roma Away Card, a fidelity card that have been affected by these decisions.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

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Many football fans all across the continent are standing up against racism, discrimination and for equality in and around their stadia. The annual “Football People” action weeks organised by our partners from FARE from 15-29 October 2013 are a great time to show this unity amongst us as supporters across Europe against discrimination, in addition to our everyday activities in the area. 

Along with activities organised by clubs and leagues or associations, the period gives fans, minority groups and grassroots football clubs space to jointly celebrate the inclusive power of football.

The activities have become the largest series of activities in sport. In 2012, over 500 activities took place in 44 countries with some of Europe's top stars lending support to the campaign.

Everyone interested in football can join the FARE Action Weeks with various activities. Use your creativity and develop news ideas and activities to promote tolerance and get rid of racism and discrimination in football.  You could organise a fan choreography inside your stadium, organise a football camp, develop and run a graffiti workshop inside a stadium, work with minority groups in an area on a joint project. 

Friday, 30 August 2013

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More than 400 representatives of millions of football fans from 39 countries gathered over this weekend at the Amsterdam Arena for Football Supporters Europe’s (FSE) 6th annual European Football Fans Congress (EFFC).

The meeting was opened by Bernhard Fransen, the vice-president of the KNVB, and by a speech of UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino. Speaking for the first time at an EFFC, Infantino underlined the importance of UEFA's ongoing dialogue with fans.

Monday, 22 July 2013


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