With the European Football Fans Congress (#EFFC19) in Lisbon nearly upon us, FSE and Associação Portuguesa de Defesa do Adepto (APDA) have finalised the list of workshops and plenary sessions, as well as the details of the Bi-Annual General Meeting. 

Please find the four-day agenda and other information in PDF format HERE



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Thursday, 4th July

Location:    Auditório UACS




Friday, 5th July

Location:    Auditório UACS



11:00 – 11:30

·       Ronan Evain (Football Supporters Europe)

·       Martha Gens (APDA)




11:30 – 13:00

Moderator:  Daniel Seabra (anthropologist and expert on Portuguese fan culture)

We are more than happy to be co-hosting #EFFC19 in Lisbon with the Portuguese national supporters’ organisation, Associação Portuguesa de Defesa do Adepto (APDA). As you are no doubt already aware, Portugal has a rich footballing tradition stretching back to the late 19th century and, perhaps because of this, is home to some of the largest members clubs in the world. It makes perfect sense, then, to kick off with a panel discussion on the past, present, and future of Portuguese football. Participants will survey the opportunities and challenges facing the Portuguese fan scene, including a controversial new law that targets football supporters. 



13:00 – 14:00

Served at the venue 



14:00 – 15:30

UEFA Club Competitions – 2018/19 Season Review

Moderator:  Ronan Evain (Football Supporters Europe)

Football supporters who travel away to watch their team in European competitions face several challenges, including late fixtures, complicated visa requirements, high ticket prices, aggressive policing, and poor infrastructure. FSE is closely monitoring the conditions for away fans though our Away Fans Survey, with which many of you may already be familiar. The complete findings of the 2017/18 survey and a brief overview of the 2018/19 survey will be presented during this workshop. Fans of clubs that play in European competitions are invited to share their experiences with UEFA delegates to inform and shape future policy.  



Structural Relationships – How to Build Action Driven Formal Relationships with the Authorities

Moderator:  Stuart Dykes (SD Europe)

A structured relationship between national football associations and national fans’ organisations is vital to achieve progress in football. Such relationships could be based on formal agreements about joint projects or fan representation on relevant committees for example. This workshop, based on SD Europe’s experience, focuses on three examples – Spain (FASFE), Sweden (SFSU), and Ireland (ISN) – to show how these relationships are developed and what obstacles fans’ organisations come across. Its aim is to identify best practice, improve information sharing, and explore ways to engage the football authorities in a future tutorial.



15:30 – 16:00



16:00 – 17:30

Minimum Standards in Away Sectors

Moderator:  Jim Chisem (Football Supporters Europe)

As any travelling fan will know, facilities and hosting conditions in away sections can differ significantly, even within the same country. As our Danish and Swedish members have shown, this problem can be solved by the introduction of minimum safety, security, and service standards. Given this, as well as the results of FSE’s own Away Fans Survey for European club competitions, the panel will discuss the possibilities of establishing minimum standards for away sectors on a Europe-wide scale. Pricing also plays a major part in the away day experience, so we will be hearing success stories from our Dutch and English members and discussing what we can do to ensure a fairer pricing system in European competitions.


EURO 2020

Moderator:  Michael Gabriel (FSE Fans’ Embassy Division)

UEFA EURO 2020 will have a novel format, taking place in 12 different countries, from Azerbaijan in the East to Ireland in the West. This will mean additional challenges for travelling fans, especially from a logistical and cost perspective. Indeed, questions have already been raised about visa requirements, not to mention ticket prices for the semi-finals and finals and the decision to include Russia in the highest price cluster. The workshop will also offer an opportunity to discuss the impact of the tournament on a domestic level. Members from FSE’s Fans’ Embassies and the relevant UEFA delegates will be on hand to address these pressing issues.



19:00 @ Campo Branca Lucas, home to Sport Lisboa e Olivais


Pyro Workshop: Legal and Innovative Solutions

Moderator:Martha Gens (APDA)

While a so-called zero-tolerance approach to the use of pyrotechnics seems to have become the policy of a growing number of public authorities and football governing bodies in Europe, this workshop invites participants to explore more progressive options. Fan representatives from Norway (NSA), Denmark (DFF), and the United States (ISC) will be on hand to demonstrate 3 different types of devices and how fans in those countries use them.


Saturday, 6th July

Location:    Auditório UACS



11:00 – 13:00


FSE Fans’ Embassy Division

The FSE Fans’ Embassy Division brings together national team fan organisations and other similar initiatives. During this meeting, representatives from the Fans’ Embassy Division will present the final report of their 2018 FIFA World Cup project, which saw fans’ organisations from 26 participating countries take to the streets and stadia of Moscow and 10 other Russian cities—the biggest number on record. The meeting will also serve as a forum to coordinate activities for the 2019/2020 season and discuss the deployment of Fans’ Embassies at UEFA EURO 2020.  

Closed meeting 


National Fans’ Organisations

National fans’ organisations are the bedrock upon which FSE was founded. They play a crucial role in our efforts to ensure that clubs, leagues, and governing bodies listen to, consider, and act upon the concerns of supporters across the continent. This meeting provides an opportunity for representatives of national fans’ organisations to share ideas, experiences, and good practice—an especially urgent exercise in light of the potential wide-ranging impact of proposed reforms to UEFA club competitions.

Closed meeting 



11:00 – 13:00


Fan.Tastic Females – Football Her.Story

Moderator:  Greta Rinast (Fan.Tastic Females Coordinator)

The Fan.Tastic Females exhibition has been on tour around Central Europe for the past 6 months or so and most of you will have had a chance to see it for yourselves. This session is an open discussion in an intercultural setting, with all participants welcome to contribute and share their experiences. We aim to explore the position of women in different stadium environments and reflect upon the nature of our own fan groups. Who are we? Where do we stand? And what structures are available to us? Open to all; conducted in English; maximum of 25 participants.  


Stadium Construction and Redevelopment: Best Practice and Fan Engagement

Moderator:  Michał Karaś (stadiumDB)

Every season, countless European stadiums undergo major redevelopment or reconstruction. But what is best practice when it comes to stadium planning? What areas of design are most important to supporters? How, if at all, are supporters involved in the planning process? And is it possible for new stadiums to respect the traditions of the ones they replace? We have assembled a panel with enough experience—of the good, the bad, and the ugly—to be able to offer answers to all these questions, and any more that might arise.



13:00 – 14:00

Served at the venue 



14:00 – 15:30

Moderator:  Felix Tamsut (Deutsche Welle)

European football is on the cusp of yet another major transformation—and, many would argue, not for the better. Despite the recent development of structured relationships between the football authorities and fan organisations in a number of countries, many fans and fan groups still feel excluded from the decisions that affect them. This panel will discuss the ECA’s proposed reform of European club competitions and consider what this may mean for all stakeholders, a broad cross section of whom will be represented on stage.  



15:30 – 16:00



16:00 – 19:00



19:00 – 19:30



19:30 @ RCA Club


Sunday, 7th July

Location:    White House Hostel



13:00 @ White House Hostel

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