More than 150 participants from 26 countries meet in Paris to prepare supporters’ services during UEFA EURO 2016. French Secretary of State for Sports, Thierry Braillard, will address the conference.

On 03 and 04 March 2016, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and the Fédération Française de Football (F.F.F.) are hosting a conference – supported by UEFA – on RESPECT Fan Culture in order to give stakeholders the opportunity to discuss the implementation of Fans’ Embassies during UEFA EURO 2016. It also provides a platform to explain their role in the wider fan hosting concept to contribute to a festive atmosphere and security at the tournament.

Bringing together more than 150 participants from FSE, UEFA, EURO 2016 SAS, French Host Cities, European Football Associations, fan experts and other major stakeholders, the conference will be hosted by FSE at the Hotel Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel (03 March) and at the F.F.F. headquarters (04 March), making it the first fan-related conference of this kind ever organized in France. The participants are coming from 26 European countries, so all nations participating to UEFA EURO 2016 will be represented.

Coordinated by Football Supporters Europe (FSE) as one of UEFA’s official EURO 2016 Social Responsibility & Sustainability Projects, in association with all major stakeholders of the competition, – the Fans’ Embassies Conference aims at providing expertise and share experience with Host Cities and organisers in France on Fan hosting. EURO 2016 SAS and the French Host Cities will also have the opportunity to include fan representatives in the operations implemented for the competition, giving supporters and organisers the chance to establish a dialogue that will benefit every fan travelling to France in Summer 2016.

FSE and F.F.F. are proud to welcome French Secretary of State for Sports, Thierry Braillard who will address the conference (Thursday 3 – 18:00). Further participating speakers amongst others are coming from UEFA, EURO 2016 SAS, European Football Associations, Host Cities, DIGES, Fans’ Embassies, and FSE partners.

About RESPECT Fan Culture – FSE Fans’ Embassies

Fans’ Embassy is the name that has been given to an advice, information and support service for football supporters travelling to international tournaments or away games in foreign countries, organised by fans and for fans. For more than 20 years Fans’ Embassy initiatives have contributed to festive atmospheres and reduced tensions and violence at major tournaments. Developed by supporters, the concept today is recognized as best practice policy in the area of safety & prevention at European level. For further information visit the Fans’ Embassies website.

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