As Football Supporters Europe (FSE), we are hereby documenting the statement from our members from the Fenerbahce supporters group 1907 ÜNIFEB on travel bans issued against all Fenerbahce supporters for their Champions League qualifying match against AS Monaco on 3rd August 2016:

As 1907 ÜNIFEB, we are astonished in the light of what can only be considered an unreasonable and humiliating verdict against Fenerbahce supporters that has been published by authorities in Monaco following the position AS Monaco FC took related to the upcoming match between AS Monaco FC and Fenerbahçe on 3rd August. To make things even worse, we are not even allowed to enter the regions of Nice for three days around the match.

A great part of Fenerbahce fans across the country and beyond are increasingly shocked by the impression that AS Monaco FC seems to be persuading a defamation campaign against them as Turkish citizens ever since the draw.  

Monaco state authorities have now denied entry to our fans even though they have not experienced a single problem during their stay in Istanbul, ahead of which they already requested the match to be played in another European country due to security concerns.

Neighbouring France and particularly Nice as a Host City have managed to safeguard the European Championships in which Turkish fans participated peacefully and yet Monaco and the City of Nice hesitate to welcome Turkish fans. As fans from a country that has suffered a lot from terrorism, just like France, we obviously understand concerns and sensitivities in this regard.

But we are convinced that the decision would not be the same if the opponent was not from Turkey, but from another another European country. We therfore condemn this insincere and unfair verdict that damages the image of Turkish fans in public opinion.

1907 ÜNIFEB – Üniversiteli Fenerbahçeliler Birliği

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