Yesterday, Uefa’s Executive Committee outlined the post-2024 format and access list for European club competitions. While their decision falls short of our consistently stated aims, we welcome the changes to the initial proposals.

The group stage will now involve eight matches instead of the proposed ten, while plans to allow clubs to qualify based on past performance and leapfrog others in their own leagues have been dropped entirely.

The decision represents a key moment for fans across the continent, many of whom campaigned tirelessly against the original proposals. FSE and fans’ groups across the continent have had the opportunity to engage in a constructive dialogue with Uefa on the matter.

FSE Executive Director Ronan Evain commented:

“For the first time, the position of fans has directly influenced the outcome of a major reform of European club competitions. Although it is not the one we wanted, we avoided the worst-case scenario and effectively challenged other stakeholders. We would like to thank each and every fans’ group that took the time to lobby their respective clubs and governing bodies to do better and helped to make a difference.”

But the journey towards more fairness in European club competitions is not over. We believe the other major structural issues facing European football still need to be addressed, and, as such, we will push for solutions based on sustainability, solidarity, and fairness. Moreover, we will continue to engage with Uefa to ensure that fans are further integrated into decision-making processes at both the national and European level. In particular, we will fight to improve hosting conditions for home and away fans so that football is accessible to everyone.

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