Football Supporters Europe (FSE) notes today’s decision by the Court of Justice of the European Union and wants to reiterate that there is no place in European football for a breakaway super league.  

Since 2021, FSE and fans across Europe have stood firm against a breakaway super league time and time again, and repeatedly called for the greater protection of our game. 

The antagonists failed within days back in 2021 because supporters across the continent—including their own clubs’ fans —vocally rejected their cynical plans. Despite this, some of them have persisted in clinging to their ill-conceived plan in a strained attempt aimed at saving their own clubs from apparent financial turmoil. 

The European supporters’ movement remains united in strong opposition to any super league proposal, regardless of how it is repackaged. We will not let its promoters fool us that much has changed with their latest get rich quick scheme. Their aim remains to ensure a few select clubs receive the relative certainty of playing European football each year as well as the revenue that would bring. Participation in European club competitions is and must always be based 100% on sporting merit each season, without exception.  

Domestic competitions, local rivalries, and the lifelong bond with our football clubs are the heart of the game and we will continue to stand resolutely against any attempt to destroy this shared heritage. 

FSE has repeatedly called for a more even distribution of revenues generated by UEFA’s Club Competitions to balance growth within the domestic game of countries. In marked contrast, a privately-owned super league would syphon revenues needed for all and only benefit a few elite clubs. 

Today’s decision has not given the green light to breakaway projects as those few left flogging a super league claim. FSE remains committed to continuing our work together with UEFA, clubs of all sizes, leagues, national associations, players, EU institutions and national governments, in solidarity with the rest of the football community. 

Our clubs, our competitions, and our local communities need enhanced protections. Whatever comes next, the super league remains an ill-conceived project that endangers the future of European football. FSE, our members, and fans across Europe will continue to fight against it. 

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