Football Supporters Europe (FSE) and SD Europe are pleased to announce the launch of ‘Fans vs COVID-19’.

The initiative is based around an online map which highlights the good work being done by fans, fans’ groups, and member-run clubs during the coronavirus outbreak, from fundraising and solidarity banners to support for vulnerable groups and the health service. The map also acts as a platform for fans to share experiences, ideas, and good practice.

Commenting on the project, FSE Executive Director Ronan Evain stated:

“The coronavirus pandemic is, first and foremost, a human tragedy. But it has also brought out the best in people, and football fans are no exception. Whether raising money for foodbanks, looking out for the elderly, or supporting key workers, fans and fans’ groups have once again shown the important role they play in communities across the continent. We want to recognise their contribution and inspire others in the process.”

SD Europe CEO Antonia Hagemann said:

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused immeasurable pain and disruption for so many. However, it is truly heart-warming to see the countless gestures made by football supporters, supporters’ organisations, and member-run football clubs across the continent to ease the strain on their communities. Football is a linchpin of society, and recently we have seen the lengths supporters will go to play their part. With our friends at FSE, we want to highlight these efforts.”

The ’Fans vs COVID-19’ website will be regularly updated with interviews and articles exploring some of the cases including on the map in more depth. If you would like us to add any further examples, please email info@fanseurope.org or info@sdeurope.eu.

Special thanks go to KickIn!, whose #kickoutcorona map encouraged us to do something similar.

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