Since 2016 and the launch of the Fan.Tastic Females project, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) has built a large network of female fans from across Europe.

The success of the project demonstrated that FSE is able to expand beyond its usual active membership and that there is potential for an autonomous group to operate within the organisation.

Based on the findings of Fan.Tastic Females, the experience of other formal and informal networks within FSE, and the existence of similar networks in European football such as F_in – Frauen im Fuβball (Germany Austria, Switzerland) and Nätverk för kvinnor i supporterkulturen (Sweden), we are ready to take the next step to create a more representative network.

The newly launched FSE F+Collective aims to sustainably mobilise female fan activists from within FSE‘s membership and beyond, focusing more strongly on representation and participation in the process.

In addition to other activities, the F+Collective will host webinars on topics that are of interest to female fans. We have noticed during our preparation calls and work for Fan.Tastic Females that there is a signficant demand for female networks in football.

With all this in mind, the first F+Collective call will focus on female network building on local, national, and transnational levels.

The call will take place on 28th January at 19:30 CET. After an introduction to FSE and its current work, we would like to ask how you network and connect female fans in your respective organisations.

If you are interested in participating, please email fplus@fanseurope.org.

The F+Collective is committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion and is open to non-binary and transgender people.

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