Last month, the Fan.Tastic Females exhibition opened in Portland, Oregon, as part of the Independent Supporters Council’s 2022 conference.

The exhibition profiles more than 90 female fans from 21 countries. It has been on the road for over three years, but its North American adventure marks its first trip outside of Europe, not to mention its continuing relevance and resonance with fans across the world.

Reflecting on the exhibition’s stay in Portland, ISC Co-Vice President, Andrew Picard, commented:

“Everyone was so excited to be able to see the exhibit that we had been talking about for so long. We look forward to expanding it and making it even better on our end.”

Fan.Tastic Females coordinator Antje Grabenhorst said:

“We’re proud that we can now inspire fans on a different continent and excited to see how the project will develop in the future.”

Find out more about the partnership between Fan.Tastic Females and the ISC:

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