Travelling to the UEFA Europa League Final in Stockholm this week?

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Download the UEFA fan leaflet for Dutch fans here.
Download the UEFA fan leaflet for English fans here.
Download here the “Away Goals” fanzine from Manchester United Supporters Trust.
Download here the CAFE Disabled Spectator’s Guide.

For a number of years now, FSE has been in a dialogue with UEFA on fan arrangements at the Europa and Champions League finals, discussions ranging from ticket pricing and allocations to communications on fan-driven choreos and general fan arrangements for the match.

Whilst there are still numerous challenging issues, ticket prices in the cheapest categories have remained at the same levels since 2012 as a result of these talks. Likewise, supporter representatives have been involved in pre-match stadium visits, and fan arrangements and communication could be improved towards a facilitation of the needs of match-going supporters and fan-driven activities in the stadium.

At this year’s club competition finals, FSE delegates will be present to monitor the fan arrangements in and around the stadia and the city centres of Stockholm as well as Cardiff where the UEFA Champions League Final will take place on the first weekend of June. They will also gather feedback from travelling supporters from among the finalists for this purpose and meet representatives of Supportersvereniging Ajax and Manchester United Supporters Trust. Results of this fan-driven monitoring will subsequently be discussed with UEFA representatives in order to identify the goods and bads and to further improve fan hosting arrangements in the future.

For Manchester United supporters, our members from the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) will be available with a Fans’ Embassy service in Stockholm, run in association with the Manchester United Supporters Trust.

If you should be travelling to the match, get in touch with us, to meet with us in Stockholm or Cardiff and/or send us your feedback afterwards.

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