EURO 2032: FSE expresses concerns about Italy & Türkiye hosting

FSE expresses concerns about Italy & Türkiye hosting EURO 2032. Both countries have infamously poor track records in hosting visiting supporters, and the distance between them will have a substantial environmental and financial impact on match-going fans. 

This tournament could see countless flights, some as far as over 5,000km for a round trip, to host between the two countries, significantly impacting the tournament’s carbon footprint. 

We regret UEFA’s decision to review its policy to limit co-hosting tournaments to neighbouring countries.  

Supporters will not be heading to Italy & Türkiye with confidence. Both countries have publicly and repeatedly failed to properly host supporters. 

Previous finals held in Türkiye have lacked proper implementation of services for supporters, whilst Italy consistently fails to meet hosting standards & regularly implements baseless away fan bans. 

Both countries will need to implement substantial reform and thorough reconsideration of their relationship with fans over the next nine years through a multi-stakeholder approach to achieve acceptable international hosting standards.  

This is the only path to ensuring a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for supporters from across Europe.  

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