Ahead of next year’s FIFA World Cup in Qatar, human rights organisation Amnesty International has published a report on the state of migrant worker’s rights in the country.

The report, entitled Reality Check 2021: A year to the 2022 World Cup, states that Qatar has “still not delivered on its promise to end labour abuses and exploitation of its more than two million migrant workers.” It concludes that “the past year has seen an actual erosion of newly protected migrant workers’ rights, with old abusive practices resurfacing, reviving the worst elements of the kafala sponsorship system and undermining reforms.”

Reflecting on the report’s findings, Amnesty’s Global Issues Programme Director, Mark Dummet, commented:

“The clock is ticking but it’s not too late to turn the ink on paper into real action. Now is the time for Qatari authorities to be bold and fully embrace their programme of labour reforms; any progress to date will be wasted if Qatar settles for weak implementation of policies and fails to hold abusers to account.”

You can read the full report here.

Alongside Amnesty and seven other NGOs and trade unions, Football Supporters Europe (FSE) is a member of the Sport and Rights Alliance (SRA). The SRA works to embed human rights and anti-corruption across world sport.

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