On 23rd January 2023, FSE and UEFA signed a landmark Memorandum of Unsderstanding (MOU) to formalise our relationship.

To provide more background and context on the MOU, we have created the below FAQ.

How did this MOU come about?

FSE, and previously SD Europe, have had ongoing relations with UEFA for nearly 15 years. Last year’s decision of the memberships of FSE and SD Europe to merge set the European supporters’ movement on a stronger path forward, and this MOU represents another milestone on that journey. The document specifically builds on the constructive relations that have developed between our two organisations in more recent years, and particularly since the threat of the so-called super league was killed off so quickly in April 2021.

Why do we need an MOU? FSE needs to have an independent voice!

At this crucial stage in European football’s development, the MOU puts us on equal footing with other stakeholders in the game (e.g. players, clubs, and leagues) and ensures our voice is heard throughout key discussions, as showed by FSE’s attendance at the UEFA convention last November. This MOU does not affect how FSE operates – the organisation remains governed by our BGM and our elected Board – and we now have formal structures through which we can work with UEFA on topics of specific interest to supporters. There may be scenarios when we have an opposing position to UEFA, but we are committed to always working together to identify potential solutions and ways of moving forward.

Why is this announcement relevant to members and member organisations?

UEFA’s formal recognition of supporters and its commitment to include FSE within its governance structures in the future within in the MOU is a clear demonstration that fans are a recognised stakeholders in European football. Supporters should be treated as such at every level of the game – within their clubs, leagues, national associations, and by other wider stakeholders involved in football. This MOU is an important milestone, but our efforts to support our members’ work will continue and develop further as this MOU sets out how FSE and UEFA will work to progress topics of common interest.

Does this MOU only cover men’s football?

The MOU acknowledges that our joint commitments apply to both men’s and women’s football. Following our first ever dedicated women’s football event at Fulham FC’s Craven Cottage last year, we are working on a policy on growing Fan Culture in women’s football and look forward to sharing that and gaining member input on our plans. Last year saw activities around Euro 2022, and we will build on those activities in women’s club and national team events this year.

What’s next for FSE?

A key reason that last year’s merger between FSE and SD Europe was a natural progression within the supporter movement was that it would allow for a pooling of collective resources and expertise within one collective organisational strategy. The focus for FSE in the coming months and years is to continue to support and activate fans across Europe, growing our resources, skills, our team, and our network in parallel. We will share more on this at #EFFC23, where we will welcome any and all input from members.

How does FSE now interact with UEFA?

FSE’s main interlocutor at UEFA is the European Affairs & Governance department, who coordinates and facilities regular contact with other teams including Football Operations, UEFA Events (around club finals), FSR, Club Licensing, and the National Associations division, which includes Safety & Security and UEFA Academy.  

Have a question we haven’t answered here? You can get in touch with the FSE team at: info[at]fanseurope.org.

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