OPEN LETTER TO FIFA ON HUMAN RIGHTS & THE 2022 WORLD ...   Dear Mr Infantino We are writing as a global group of non-governmental organisations, trade unions, players’ unions and fans groups working to defend and promote human rights and transparency in sport, in relation to the forthcoming FIFA Council Meeting on 14-15 March where proposals to expand the 2022 World Cup will be ...
EUROPE WANTS TO ... Dans les semaines à venir, des supporters de différents clubs de football vont se mobiliser contre l’interdiction caduque des tribunes debout dans les compétitions européennes sous le slogan EUROPE WANTS TO STAND - l’Europe veut se tenir debout. Le mouvement de protestation sera lancé à l’occasion du match de Champions League Borussia ...
FSE TAKES PART IN COUNCIL OF EUROPE VISIT TO ... In early February, representatives from Football Supporters Europe (FSE), Spanish supporters’ group Federacion de Accionistas y Socios del Futbol Espanol (FASFE), and SD Europe visited ...

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