Kein Zwanni LogoIn September 2010, football fans in Germany founded the campaign „Kein Zwanni für nen Steher" (No twenty Euros for a standing ticket), to protest against extensively raised ticket prices of FC Schalke for their upcoming derby against their neighbours from Dortmund. The club management had raised prices for match tickets partially by more than 40%. For the first time in decades, the match in Gelsenkirchen against Dortmund wasn't sold out. More than 1500 tickets hadn't been sold and there was great national and international media coverage and everywhere in Germany, fans organized solidarity banners or choreographies. FSE has since supported the campaign as well.


Whilst the campaign had originally merely been a reaction to a specific situation at local level, it quickly became apparent that the issue seemed to be relevant everywhere beyond, too, to prevent pricing trends such as those in England. The core network of the campaign which meanwhile was renamed to „Kein Zwanni - Fußball muss bezahlbar sein" (No twenty Euros – Football must be payable) is consisting of fans' represenatives from Hamburg (HSV), Cologne, Munich (Bayern), Berlin (Hertha BSC), Dortmund and Mainz.

There have since been calls for boycotts from fans of FC Bayern Munich in Nurnberg as well as from Mainz 05 – again - in Gelsenkirchen. Kein Zwanni, however, is to be considered a network, and not an organisation. Every fanbase planning an activity at local level, can use the home page, graphics or other assets of Kein Zwanni. There is no central coordination. But the topic is uniting a wide range of many different fans' groups and fan cultures.

The main objectives of the campaign are the abolishment of surcharges for top games for away fans, the provision of sufficient allocations of inexpensive price categories for match tickets and that ticket prices are determined at the beginning of the season. First results could already be achieved despite the young history of the campaign: surcharges for top matches for standing tickets for away supporters were abolished in Dortmund and the abolishment of the highest ticket category for standing places in Hamburg. Although these achievements are pleasing, they are merely to be considered the beginning. Kein Zwanni draws attention not only to standing ticket pricing but also to pricing of seated areas. Many clubs are providing inexpensive standing tickets but only very few. As a result, seated areas are then often unrestrainedly overpriced. The attitude of Kein Zwanni on this is very clear: this development needs to be stopped.b_3000_200_16777215_00_images_stories_News_Articles_Pics_keinzwannibanner.jpg

The action with most publicity was delivered only recently, in January 2012, once again by the supporters of Borussia Dortmund who called for a boycott of their match against Hamburg SV because ticket pricing in Hamburg is taking really bizarre forms: whilst the standing tickets were kept at 19€ for away supporters, prices for seated tickets are often absurdly high for German standards. Almost all Dortmund fan clubs joined the call for a boycott. Still, many unorganized supporters from the northern parts of Germany bought tickets – Dortmund's fanbase is widely spread - but the away end wasn't sold out. Supporters from Hamburg joined the protest as well. Highlight of the action was a rally of about 600 Dortmund fans who had travelled 350km to Hamburg, to listen to a radio broadcast of the match in front of the stadium. This action, too, received great media attention. Even the news programmes of the big national TV stations in Germany covered the rally.

Kein Zwanni will continue to fight against the ongoing raising of ticket prices to preserve football in Germany as the people's sport – with FSE fully behind it. Football needs to be payable – for all!

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