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Support the “HSV Not For Sale!” Campaign!

The Bundesliga has been the best-attended league in Europe for nine seasons in a row now. Football supporters across Europe increasingly look at the Bundesliga as an example. Although some things might be far from perfect also there, German fans can still enjoy many things that other fans have long lost in football back home: relatively low ticket prices, safe standing areas, the possibility to organise great choreographies …and the rest. Many of these things would have been impossible to preserve, without supporters and their fellow club members having a say in how their clubs are run, unless they vote otherwise. The football club belongs to the members – a right that is denied to the vast majority of football supporters in other countries, and should not be given up lightly.

Hamburg SV is still one of the 100% member-owned clubs and an example for football supporters across Europe with this democratic ownership structure. The club is experiencing a difficult time, on and off the pitch at the moment. Some wealthy, influential supporters and sponsors are now trying to take advantage of the situation and are campaigning for allowing private investments into the club. Experience in many other countries has shown that diluting the influence of the members for the benefit of single major investors and promised sporting success has more often lead to worse developments than any turn for the better. Although it might seem attractive, sugar daddies waving with big money and short-term interests of sponsors, are not the solution. 

That’s why we are supporting the HSV Not For Sale campaign, which ahead of the AGM on 18 January 2014 is aiming to build momentum amongst the membership to ensures the club remains 100% controlled by its members.

In this spirit, we call for all our members to show their solidarity for fan ownership and support the HSV Not For Sale Campaign!

How? That’s simple:  

, put them on your website, in your stadium, or display another solidarity message, take a picture and send it to before 17 January 2014!

More info on the campaign is available on the Homepage or via Facebook-Seite der Kampagne HSV Not For Sale!


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