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Looking for the football pub?

The first edition of the FSE FANS’ GUIDE app put together by Football Supporters Europe (FSE), by fans, for fans, is now available in the smartphone app stores.

The FSE Fans’ Guide App enables fans who travel to away matches to have all useful information relevant for football supporters with them through their mobile phone. The app is an independent non-profit project and available for free. Almost all info provided by the app is available offline and can be used without an internet connection once it is downloaded. Hence, this means that especially travelling fans can save expensive roaming costs abroad.

This first edition of the app includes info of 60 teams with their cities, stadia and countries all across Europe as they were submitted by FSE members and football fans beyond. The FSE Fans’ Guide is available for Android and IOS and can be downloaded via the official app stores and via the FSE Website.

Nobody's perfect! The app will be updated on a regular basis in the future. We'll make sure we'll fix all child diseases of this first version as soon as possible. Every update will include more clubs, cities and stadia as well as additional features and bug fixes that are already in the pipeline.

 Football Fans who like this idea are welcome to support it! They know much more about their own club, their stadium and their city than many others do. Why not sharing it with fans across Europe who in return share their info with you? We need the input and feedback for the app from football fans across the continent to make it an ever growing project for the benefit of all match-going fans in Europe.

The FSE Fans’ Guide is available here.

Fans who want to contribute the info of their team can provide their info, tips and recommendations to the FSE Fans’ Guide Questionnaire via this link!


The first edition of the FSE Fans’ Guide App includes info about:

  • Countries and 60 football clubs across Europe
  • National and club stadia (plan, directions, capacity, home section…)
  • Cities (fan recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, pubs, attractions, no-nos…)
  • Public transport (bus, metro, tram, city maps…)
  • Match day related regulations (e.g. ahead of a European fixture)

Main advantages of the App:

  • Almost all info is also available in offline mode
  • Fans themselves have the chance to give input and feedback and hence contribute to the future success of the app
  • The app is an independent, non-profit profit project and available for free.


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