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All Colours Are Beautiful! No one is illegal! Logo

In last few years, Europe has been swallowed by a political and economical crisis. As always, it seems that the focus has switched from real problems to cutting the rights and means of those who suffer the most. In such existential times, governments and politics have the greatest room to impose further restrictions and control, often on the back of social values, and many parts of society start to clamp down particularly on those who have no lobby anyway, and hatred against those who are seemingly different, is getting increasingly popular.

Very often, immigrants fleeing to Europe from war or to save their lives and those of their families from even worse conditions, crimes against humanity and unimaginable poverty, are getting in the focus as the alleged „main“ problem these days. They have a different skin color, religion and customs than people in countries that they populate. They are presented as illegal, dangerous and people which seem to deserve some sympathy for suffering, if anything, but certainly no proper rights to look for a way out of desperation in Europe.

The hundreds of dead refugees at the coast of Italy going through the media these days are illustrating the most terrible consequences of this approach. But still, the first reaction of politics was to intensify border controls in Europe and the situation for refugees in many countries across the continent is getting worse every day. 

Also inside football stadia, in many ways a mirror of society, open racism and hatred promoted against migrants or homophobia are sadly also still a problem and incident figurs on open racism seem to be on the rise again. As football supporters, we decided to tackle this with a clear “NO” to such hatred, and any form of discrimination and racism!

We are hereby starting a campaign under the motto „All Colors Are Beautiful - Nobody is illegal!“ and we invite all supporter groups to join us and spread the message that united we are strong and that hate and racism has no place anywhere, neither in on our stadium nor in our society!

The campaign will kick off during the FARE Action Weeks on Sunday, 20 October 2013 in Zagreb Croatia with a football tournament, where the fans group Bijeli Andeli will present the „All Colors Are Beautiful“  banner that you can see above!

And now you come in! Copy the banner in your club colours! Show it in your stadium or at your events beyond that as well and send us the pictures so that we can put them all together to show how many of us are united on this! 

Contact and and send us your pictures!!

Football fans united against discrimination! All Colours Are Beautiful!



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