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EFFC 2013 Motto

Football Fans from 39 countries  will discuss with UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino and football bodies and institutions at the European Football Fans Congress of Football Supporters Europe (FSE) from 19-21 July 2013 in Amsterdam.  Topics to be addressed in various international sessions and network meetings will include travel restrictions, EURO2020, ticket pricing, sanctions, fan ownership, the problems of football in small leagues, discrimination and legislation affecting football supporters

In view of recent debates in the Netherlands, a high-profile national panel discussion on Safety and Security in Dutch football will focus particularly on how travel restrictions imposed on supporters can be damaging for Dutch professional football. The session is organised by FSE members amongst the Dutch supporters, with support of the KNVB.

The three-day international fan event is co-hosted by FSE members from the Netherlands, such as the Supportersvereniging Ajax who have given particular support, alongside member groups such as South Crew, North Up Alliance and the independent national team Supporters’ Club Oranje and  many individual members and supporters beyond that. The organisation of the congress has received further support from the KNVB, Ajax Amsterdam and the Amsterdam ArenA. .

More than 400 football supporters and representatives of various institutions, clubs and football bodies from across Europe and beyond have registered. The Pre-Opening will take place on Friday, 19 July 2013 at 17.00hrs at the Youth Academy De Toekomst, where fans’ representatives will discuss with representatives from UEFA and the Council of Europe the sense and non-sense of sanctions in football.

Saturday, 20 July 2013 will see opening greetings and a Q&A session with UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino and KNVB Vice-President Bernhard Fransen, before participants break out into various international workshops with a wide range of speakers involved.

The workshop results will form the basis for the future agenda and range of activities of Football Supporters Europe (FSE), the biggest independent and democratic network of football supporters in Europe representing more than 3 million supporters - which will elect a new executive Committee at its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, 21 July 2013.

Kevin Miles, FSE Committee Member (and chief executive of the Football Supporters’ Federation, ENGLAND): “The European Football Fans’ Congress has become a regular and vital annual feature of the calendar for football supporters across Europe who come together to share experiences, debate issues and work out campaigning plans for the coming year. It’s crucial that fans have a clear and powerful voice at European level; there are so many issues of concern to us, and we have to translate that strength of feelings into concrete actions and constructive engagement.”

Theo Pouw, founder and board member of Supporters Club Oranje, the official independent fan club of the national football team  (NETHERLANDS): “We have joined FSE a couple of years ago and see the importance of international cooperation with representing fans interests. The membership with FSE offers us a next level to unite with groups who have similar objectives and reach out to policy makers at a supra-national level. Like club football, international football is also subject to the laws of 'modern football', where marketing and Euros have tend to become more important than the fans’ experience and football celebration. The FSE congress is the perfect occasion to establish these connections. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone!!”

Daniel Dekker, Chairman of the Supportersvereniging Ajax (NETHERLANDS): This is not about Ajax but about uniting all football supporters in Europe. We joined the FSE right at the beginning 6 years ago and are thrilled that the event is taken place in Holland this year. I wish all participants a very successful congress.   It would be great if these  days would  bring us a step forwards to a better understanding between fans and all organisations involved in a football match.  Yes indeed, watching football is not a crime !

The final programme is available for download on the FSE Website via this link.

Registration for lastminute Guests and media representatives is possible on the day.



Football Supporters Europe (FSE)

FSE is an independent, democratic and representative network of football supporters with members in currently more than 40 countries in Europe, representing more than 3 million football supporters in total, thereby being the biggest fans’ organisation in the world. The members of FSE are committed to a set of key values such as anti-discrimination, to the rejection of violence and good governance.

FSE is the main interlocutor of UEFA on fans’ issues and works with a number of other institutions and football governing bodies, such as the Council of Europe or the EU.

The European Football Fans’ Congress is the main event of FSE and takes place in a different country every year, organised as an independent event, jointly with members and fans’ groups of as many local teams as possible.


Football Supporters Europe eV

Coordinating Office

PO Box 306218

20328 Hamburg


Tel:. +49 40 370 877 51    





Daniela Wurbs, FSE Coordinator/CEO


mobile: +49 179 7511886


Media representatives are welcome to join the event for the following parts of the programme:

FRIDAY, 19 July 2013, De Toekomst (Bar)

·         Pre-opening Talk “Watching Football is not a Crime” on Friday night at the Youth Academy “De Toekomst” near the Amsterdam ArenA from 19.00hrs – 21.00hrs

SATURDAY, 20 July 2013, Amsterdam ArenA, Entrance E

·         The official opening of the event Saturday morning with welcome greetings from UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino and KNVB Vice-President Bernhard Fransen from 10.00hrs - 10.30hrs (Amsterdam Room, Entrance E)

·         The Dutch Panel “Imagine Football Without Fans?!” and the international Workshop Conclusion Panel, both starting at 16.00hrs

SUNDAY, 21 July 2013, Amsterdam ArenA, Entrance E

·         The concluding press conference of the event on Sunday, 15.30hrs at the Amsterdam ArenA (Amsterdam Room, Entrance E)


Football Supporters Europe eV


Postfach 30 62 18
20328 Hamburg

Tel.: +49 40 370 877 51
Fax: +49 40 370 877 50