ffp_survey_logo_englishSounds logical, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it doesn’t really work like that at many football clubs where star players and short-term profit making rather than sustainability are at the core of the activities at management level. Consequently, this has led to many clubs piling up huge debt and going into administration across Europe already.

With this situation in mind, UEFA has launched the so-called Financial Fair Play Concept. Speaking in simple terms, it’s intention is to basically stop excessive spending of owners and managers of football clubs, to limit debt levels and encourage long-term financial management in the game.


Did you know about this concept? Do you think, as a football fan, that this is a good idea? Do you believe that UEFA will manage to succeed with this concept and to make football clubs more sustainable? Or do you think this will never work out anyway because the clubs won’t accept it, for instance?

The University of Chemnitz is interested in the fans’ viewpoints on this. They are currently carrying out a European survey to find out what football supporters think about this part of UEFA’s work. The results of this survey might then also help UEFA and the clubs to understand the fans viewpoint better! Therefore we would like to ask you to support this independent and anonymous survey and post the link to the survey to your football fans! The more of fans take part, the better!

To make it as easy as possible for you to support the survey, follow this link to the survey and you will also find a small intro and survey logos, which you can use for an email newsletter, a link on your website or a post at your Facebook profile.


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