russianfanseuro2008The team of the mobile Fans' Embassy for Russian supporters of Football Supporters Europe (FSE) wants to contribute to a differentiated perspective and hence respond to statements saying that while taking a corner kick during the match between Russia and the Czech Republic, Czech defender Teodor Gebre Selassie was racially abused by Russian supporters.

The Russian Fans' Embassy team is part of FSE, an organisation committed to opposing racism and all other forms of discrimination in football. Representatives of the Russian mobile fans embassy were present in the Russian sector of the stadium and were monitoring events throughout the game.


Our representatives noted that during this and other games at EURO 2012, rival fans jeered and whistled at players taking corners, free kicks etc in an attempt to put them off. This was exactly what the Russian fans were observed to have done during the game which is part of football culture all over the world.

No individual player was observed to be singled out, the fans directed whistles and chants not only towards Teordor Gebre Selassie but also to other Czech players. An example of this can be seen when the Czech player Plasila was taking a corner kick in the 54th minute of the game. Consequently, based on these observations, we cannot confirm the allegations made that there was racial abuse of Teodor Gebre Selassie.

Notwithstanding the above, the evident throwing of fireworks, the documented attacks of Russian supporters against security staff as well as the display of a "Russian Empire" Flag cannot be ignored either.

We hope that a thorough investigation can lead to the identification of those few individuals allegedly guilty of these actions, so that they can be subjected to proportionate punishment and don't harm the image or experience of the vast majority of peaceful Russian supporters who came to Poland to enjoy this EURO2012 in a festive atmosphere of international goodwill.


Dima Stratievski, Head of the Russian Fans' Embassy team of FSE


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