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Following allegations of monkey chants at yesterday's match of Spain vs Italy, we're hereby publishing the observations of the mobile Fans' Embassy of Football Supporters Europe (FSE) for Spanish supporters who were present inside the stadium when the incident occurred.

Thomas Herzog, member of the FSE Fans Embassy team for Spanish supporters describes the situation as follows: "We were present during the match inside the football stadium and stayed inside the stand of the Spanish supporters over the entire course of the match. At some point during the match then, about 200 supporters started monkey chants when the Italian player Mario Balotelli touched the ball.


"We're glad to report that the majority of the Spanish supporters reacted in a very positive way, because many of them tried to intervene very quickly and stop the fans in question from singing. We are clearly angry about this small section of Spanish supporters showing this kind of racist behavior. But we have to stress that most of the Spanish supporters inside the stand were very aware of this issue and tried their best to intervene. We are happy about the self-regulation attempts we could witness inside the stand and hope that this can be kept up and expanded so that such incidents won't happen anymore."

"For sure, any kind of discrimination is inacceptable. However, what we shouldn´t do now is to talk in general about 'the racist Spanish supporters', since this doesn't reflect reality. Actually nearly all fans from Spain who made their way to Gdansk have so far demonstrated that they are open-minded, tolerant and interested in developing a positive relationship with the locals and fans from other countries.

"In Gdansk you can first and foremost witness how beautiful the EURO can be as platform for an international get together. People here seem happy and want to have a good time with our supporters."


Thomas Herzog, member of the Spanish Fans' Embassy team of FSE



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