testFSE is proud to announce that our Erasmus+ Sport project „OUT! – Fighting homophobia and empowering LGBT+ stakeholders in football” has been selected by the EU for funding.

It is the first time FSE acts in a leading capacity of an Erasmus+ Project.

On Monday, 24th September 2018, the European Commission’s Education, Audovisual and Cultural Executive Agency has decided to select our application to the Erasmus+ Sport fund and to support the FSE-based collaborative partnership with more than 45,000 EUR for a period of 18 months. Together with the Belgian Football Association, Pride in Football and Fußballfans gegen Homophobie e.V. as well as many other experts on the topic we will unite strengths and expertise to fight homophobia in football and football fan cultures to create a more acceptant game for all.

"OUT! - Fighting homophobia and empowering LGBT+ stakeholders in football" aims to raise awareness on homophobia in football, foster and enhance the dialogue between clubs, leagues, associations, players and fans on fighting homophobia in football, support the further development of LGBT+ supporters’ groups and networking in between themselves and other stakeholders, in consultation with all affected and interested parties. It will strive to reduce prejudices towards LGBT+ people within the professional football world through a hands-on approach and the sharing of best practices.

The project will start in spring 2019 and will include several meetings and congresses in different European areas as well as final outcomes available for all.

It is supported by UEFA, QFF and FIFPro.

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