testFSE’s Summer Network Meeting in Gijón / Spain kicks off today.

From 19 to 22 July 2018 Europe’s biggest fans organisation is gathering in the Asturian seaside city.

The Summer Network Meeting 2018 is hosted by UNIPES, the second largest coordination of Peñas in Gijón, with 42 member organisations and long-term FSE members FASFE, one of the main umbrella organisations in Spain.

The general focus of the meeting will be on policing and security-related issues. Speakers amongst others will be Maximino Fernández (Vice President RFEF) and José Ramón Tuero del Prado (DG Sports of the Asturias regional government / PSOE).

Adrian Nuñez Corte, Vice President of UNIPES said: “We are very happy to host this year’s Summer Network Meeting and to welcome supporters from all over Europe. It is a great opportunity to work on common topics for fans in Spain and beyond.”

Emilio Abejón from co-hosts FASFE amended: “I hope that the Summer Network Meeting 2018 can be a landmark for Spanish fan culture and the beginning of fan dialogue in our country.”


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