female fans exhiDear FSE members and friends,
On March 8th, we announced the member driven project “Fan.Tastic Females” which will be a grand exhibition telling not only the history of women football supporters, but also showing the diversity of female fans inside the stands today.

The exhibition will in due time be travelling around Europe – accompanied by a website with substantial information.

The project has been kicked off, and interviews will be taking place across Europe over the next many months, but we really could need your help and contribution to the project!

We are looking for:
- Historical photos and videos portraying female supporters
- Statistics – i.e. showing the number of female spectators over the years
- Research on female football supporters in Europe

All contributions, big or small, will be highly appreciated. If you have any materials, links, ideas where to get research materials on female fans, questions or maybe want to join the research group please contact us at exhibition@fanseurope.org.





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