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b_350_178_16777215_00_images_photos_psinterviewsbild.jpgWithin the framework of the ProSupporters project, FSE wants to create a European handbook on Supporters Charters. In our opinion, contrary to the general belief, a Supporters Charter shouldn´t be a code of conduct, but a negotiated agreement between fans and clubs. In the Supporters Charter, they define their relation and positions towards each other on equal footing. As a result, mutual understanding should be enhanced, as opposed to the often feared creation of more restrictions.

That’s why the consultation group that worked on the handbook, which will be published in June 2013, was compiled by a balanced representation of both sides, so of fans representatives and that of different institutions of football across Europe. Many of you may think that the meeting was full of controversies, but: far from it! Even for us at FSE, it was really surprising how much support there was for our definition of supporters charters on both sides. All parties consider it a real chance and a tool for improving the relation between supporters and clubs.

If you don’t believe it, here you have a few statements – first from the fans´ point of view.

And these are the statement of the involved representatives from the different football institutions.



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