I/We’d hereby like to join the Football Supporters Europe network.

  • Personal Data

    For local / national / cross-european fans’ groups / organisations: the person named in this area will receive all relevant info on FSE. He/she will be the main representative for questions and other purposes of FSE unless the substitute named below takes over.

  • Substitute Data

    The person named in this area will replace the main contact person as a representative on behalf of the local/national/cross-european fans’ group/initiative/organisation if the main delegate for FSE is e.g. not able to attend the member assembly.

  • FSE Network Account Data

  • Membership Fee & Donations

    As we all know, there is a great disparity with regards to the level of self-organisation amongst football fans across Europe and their financial means available. This is why it was decided, that there is no obligation to pay a membership fee for Football Supporters International at the moment.

    At the same time, it is equally clear: the more financial means we can generate ourselves the better as this will help us to establish ourselves as a truly independent body representing the interests of football fans across Europe!

    This is why, instead of collecting the same amount of membership fees from everyone, FSE is calling upon all its members and backers of the network to support our cause with a voluntary donation within your means and/or the ones of your fans’ group/organisation!

  • Conditions of Membership

    Membership starts after the confirmation by the FSE Coordinating Office. Membership can end at any time with the submission of a written request from the member to the FSE Coordinating Office. Personal data will be used only internally and won't be passed on to any third party without the explicit consent of the member.

    By joining Football Supporters Europe, I/we officially declare that I/we recognize the statutes of the network and support the following principles:

    • We do not tolerate discrimination of any individuals on any grounds including the following; ethnic origin, ability, religion and belief, gender, sexual orientation and age
    • We reject violence, both verbal and physical
    • We stand up for the empowerment of grassroots football supporters
    • We want to promote a positive football and supporters' culture, including values such as fair play and good governance

    Not only do I/we support these principles but I/we also actively stand up and/or back all actions against anyone that might show attitudes or behaviour opposing to these values.

    I am / We are aware that any actions to the contrary, (e.g. display of symbols, behaviour shown, statements made etc.) which show an attitude opposing to the values mentioned above, will lead to the expulsion from the organisation and its events.

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