whistleblowerThe FSE Whistleblower Campaign against the wrongful overpricing of tickets for away fans

Stand up and get in touch!

Are you following your team to matches in UEFA competitions abroad?

Have you already experienced that you had to play abroad and later found out that you had to pay a much higher price for your ticket than the fans of the home team for the same category?

We know that this happens too often, but it is wrongful and you can do something about it!


According to UEFA’s Safety and Security Regulations (article 19, paragraph 3), “the price of tickets for supporters of the visiting team must not exceed the price paid for tickets of a comparable category that are sold to supporters of the home team” unless the associations or clubs concerned agree otherwise.

If hosting clubs reject to equal ticket pricing, the visiting club can call UEFA’s disciplinary bodies. In consequence, such clubs can be fined and can be obliged to give all visiting fans a compensation or refund on their overpriced tickets.

So, these are the three steps, we recommend you to follow if you think you are a victim of overpriced tickets:

  • Find enough proof that you are charged more for a comparable price category than home fans for that match!
  • Approach your club or your FA with the info researched and raise protest against the overpriced ticketing and make them aware of the existing UEFA regulations!
  • Contact FSE via info@fanseurope.org if you need further advice or assistance and report back your experiences. We will do our best to help you with our contacts and collect all info and submit it to UEFA in due course.

 Call upon your clubs to stand up for fair ticket pricing for their fans!

The FSE Committee is prepared to help and assist you in this wherever we can!


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