testThe Football Supporters Europe network (FSE) is an independent, representative and democratically organised grass-roots network of football fans' in Europe with members in currently 48 countries across the continent.


We think that there are enough issues that need to be acted upon in modern football such as ticketing, fan culture, discrimination and policing in football, and football fans should finally speak up, loudly and clearly with a powerful, united, influential and independent representative voice within the structures of the game in Europe!



FSE can trace its history back to the international collaboration by fans’ organisations under the old name of Football Supporters International to provide “Fans’ Embassy” advice, information and support services to fans of national teams at international tournaments.

But the real story of FSE as it now exists, as a democratic, membership-based organisation, began in July 2008, when the UK's Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) hosted in London the first European Football Fans’ Congress.

The London meeting, held at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium, discussed the issues which concerned fans across Europe, and gave a great impetus to the development of the network. The following year, in Hamburg, the second European Football Fans’ Congress (EFFC) was held, and alongside the workshops on issues such as discrimination, policing, ticket pricing and commercialisation, the decision was taken to adopt statutes and formally establish the network.

Membership was made open to fans as individuals, as well as to fans’ groups organised at local or national levels, and democratic elections were held to appoint a committee to develop the network further. The first Europe-wide campaigning activities were launched, and in a significant milestone the FSE has been recognised by UEFA as their European dialogue partner on fans’ issues.

The FSE committee is composed of the members elected at each year’s EFFC, plus representation from the Hamburg-based co-ordination office and from the FSE “on-topic divisions”, the semi-autonomous departments charged with responsibility for the development of specific areas of work undertaken by FSE, in addition to usual working groups. These departments are currently the Disabled Fans’ Rights Division, and the Fans’ Embassy Division, which co-ordinates the work of Fans’ Embassy teams particularly but not exclusively for fans of national teams.

The more we are, the stronger we are - without the committment of grass-roots football fans, FSE would be nothing!  So get involved, join us and become a member of FSE!


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