testWe run an FSE online shop accessible via our website, the [FSE Fans' Action Shop], of which all the profits generated go into a fund meant to support fans’ initiatives and projects in the FSE membership. This is the FSE Fans’ Action Fund.

We’ve tried to keep the prices as low down as possible and FSE Members can also get a member discount. But at the same time, we want to generate as much money as possible for the FSE Fans’ Action Fund to support fans actions across Europe!

For the start-up phase of the FSE Fans’ Action Fund, we want to fill up the fund through your shopping activities over the period of one year first. From 2016 on, we’ll open the FSE Fans’ Action Fund for applications from members to support their activities.

Once the FSE Fans’ Action Fund is opened, we will launch an application scheme here that will focus on supporting fan activities on three themes: social activities, fans’ rights and fan dialogue.
So, in essence, the more you buy, the more we’ll ultimately be able to support fans actions.

Click here to get straight to the FSE Fans’ Action Shop!


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